Lyfe Brew is a student group project. 
Lyfe Brew was creatively invented on the dream that beer could be just as hydrating as water. Removing the horrible hangovers from the equation that cause so many pain and grief. 
Ideally the brewery would be located in an urban setting. 

The Chalice 

At Lyfe Brew they don't do fancy or flashy.  Frosted mugs are not on the menu either. What you see is what you get.

The cans are simple and raw with the logo and the style of beer around it. Lyfe Brew does not give pitchy names to their beer. The style is what it's called. So if it's a Stout beer that's what you ask for. 

Hydrate Responsibly 

Hydrate Responsibly is the slogan for Lyfe Brew. It's important to stay hydrated which can be an issue while drinking. 

It was important for this Ad to have the water pour into the glass. It's subtle so it forces you to look again. As well as inquire more into what Lyfe Brew is. 

Better Together

When it comes to Lyfe Brew beer they believe that combining the hydrating power of water with the awesome taste of beer just makes everything better!

You Don't Have To Choose

There is nothing worse than having to choose between having a refreshing cold beer and a class of un-flavorful water. 

With Lyfe Brew beer you don't have to worry about choosing between a great taste and the responsible decision of staying hydrated. You have have it all. 

There Is No Difference

Another solution to the Better Together Ad.

When it comes to Lyfe Brew beer there is no difference in drinking one of their beers and having a glass of water. Their beer is that hydrating.


Inspired by the Guinness posters these two posters play off the saying you often hear about a refreshing cold beer on a hot summer's day. But the best thing about Lyfe Brew beer is that it's not only refreshing it's so rehydrating you might as well take a swim in it.

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