VertiCulture is a student project that took a look at the problem of how are we going to feed our ever growing population? 

VertiCulture is an agriculture hydroponic company with the sole mission to provide climate control pods that can be built anywhere. To allow fresh fruits and vegetables to be available in places where they might not originally be able to. Thus lowering costs of fresh produce and promoting a more organic life style. 

The logo reflect the possibility's of the new verticality of growth. The swish is taken from an infintity showing the infinite amount of places that the hydroponics can be located and the infinite amount of food that can be grown no matter the outside climate.  


The website is a very easily maneuverable. 

The designer of the UX wanted to really use the verticality that VertiCulture wants to convey to their customers.

Business Cards

The hook VertiCulture wanted to go with to get people's attention was alliteration. 

Broccoli in the Bronx plays heavily on the alliteration while also being playful with the use of the common phrase "Bro".

Tomatos in Texas

Using Format