Expressway Baptist Church

Expressway Baptist Church

A small southern baptist church just outside Pittsburgh, PA.

Paster Daniel McCrosky strives for his congregation to be a light in the darkness for his city with multiple outreach programs for both children and those on hard times. 

This logo is on multiple levels everything that Expressway Baptist Church stands for. The ichthus is the most widely know Christian symbol. The heart shows the love that Christ has for his children as well as the love Expressway shows for its community. The cross shows God's love for us by sending his son to die on the cross for our sins.

The Names of God

This sermon series talked about the many names of God. 
Through out the Bible, God is called by many names depending on his actions and what people are calling out to him for.
Growing up I got lost trying to remember all of His names. When I was presented with his series I thought of how easy it would have been growing up if I could have just seen God with a name tag so I could know which version I was talking to. 
These are the promotional images that were displayed for the powerpoint as the sermon was given. 


VBS is probably one of the biggest outreaches for this tiny church. 

Their 2018 VBS them was sports centered.

Being that they are located around an extremely urban area I choose to emphasize the street ball aesthetic that the children would more so relate to.

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